Services For Children & Youth (birth-25)

Child and Family Services (ages birth to 12)

Providing support to children and their families, in the communities of Acton, Georgetown, Milton and surrounding areas.

  • The type of support varies with the individual child and family’s needs
  • Children must be attending a licensed child care program
  • Children may have differing abilities or may be at risk for challenges with their development
  • Resource Consultants work with families, licensed child care staff and other community partners
  • Supporting families as they plan and implement strategies which will promote the development of all children in an inclusive environment
  • Providing support to children and their families, family centred goals, service coordination, program consultation and advocacy, including transition to school
  • Working in direct partnership with child care staff and families that support the principles of inclusion

Parents/Caregivers can refer their child to this program by calling The Halton Region at 311. Please ask for Children’s Development Services to complete the intake process. Your referral will be processed at Halton Region and a Resource Consultant from Community Living North Halton will connect with you regarding starting service.

If you would like to learn more about this program, please contact:
Evelyn Bursey
905-878-2337 x 234
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Transitions – Planning For High School to Adulthood (ages 14-25)

Consultation and planning for the transition from high school to the adult community.

Making the transition from High School into the community can be overwhelming for someone to do on their own. In the Region of Halton a service known as Passages or Community Transitional Planning that can help to make the move to a community setting smoother for everyone. The program is designed monthly based on the needs of the participants

Transition Services Provided:

  • Information sessions that facilitate choices about future life directions
  • Resource Coordinators that assist with the transition from school to work opportunities, community based activities and community living
  • Time limited supports that strengthen community involvement skills
  • Partnerships with the Halton Catholic School Board and Halton District School Board
  • Assistance with referrals to community activities

A Transitions worker can help you:

  • Connect with Continuing Education
  • Prepare for Community Employment
  • Volunteer in the Community
  • Prepare for living independently
  • Prepare for College or University
  • Aid in finding a SSAH/respite worker
  • Connect with Recreation and Leisure opportunities

For more information please contact:
Paula Woods
905-878-2337 x 255
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Recreational & Respite Programs:

Saturday Centre (5-21 yrs)

This program provides opportunities for school aged children and youth, with developmental disabilities to participate in an enjoyable and friendly recreation program, and respite for their families. Cost for this program is $55.

  • September to June, twice per month (5 ½ hours per Saturday)
  • Junior and Senior programs
  • Activities available at the program location (movies, music, games, sports, crafts, etc.)
  • Community events and activities (swimming, bowling, attending community events)
  • Calendar of activities is coordinated according to the interests and abilities of the participants
  • Limited spaces available

For more information please contact:
Karen Wilson
905-878-2337 x 244 to inquire about spaces and fees.


Summer Camps (age: 5-21 yrs)

Crafts, games, swimming, indoor & outdoor activities – all with individual needs taken into consideration.

  • Full day camps
  • Cost is per week per camper
  • Locations in both Milton and Georgetown
  • Spaces are limited each year

For more information please contact:
Karen Wilson
905-878-2337 x 244 to inquire about spaces and fees.


After School Respite  (5-21 yrs)

Providing quality after school care to children and young adults with disabilities in a relaxing and stimulating environment.

  • September through June 3 p.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Monday through Friday on regular Halton School Boards’ school days
  • Activities for 5 – 21 year olds $55 a day (dinner included)
  • Locations accessible to Milton and Georgetown families
  • Games, crafts, community activities, theme activities, baking, painting, sports, outdoor walks
  • Program is coordinated according to the interests and abilities of the participants
  • Limited spaces available

For more information please contact:
Karen Wilson
905-878-2337 x 244 to inquire about spaces and fees.
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Ontario Autism Program/Applied Behaviour Analysis (ages 0-18)

Community Living North Halton’s Ontario Autism Program provides Evidence Based Behaviour Services and Additional Autism Services and Supports through our Fee For Service Program and parent/caregiver support through our Foundational Family Services Program. You can read more about these services here Our Foundational Family Services are offered to families registered in the Ontario Autism Program free of charge.

To speak with one of our staff, email

For more information on the Ontario Autism Program visit the Ministry Website at please visit visit their website by clicking HERE.

We look forward to continuing to support children and youth in the Central West Region.

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