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Services for Adults

How to Apply for Adult Services & Supports

Developmental Services Ontario helps adults with developmental disabilities connect to services and supports in their communities. There are nine agencies across Ontario to serve you. Developmental Services Ontario is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services.

Wherever you live in Ontario, they can help you or someone you care for to connect with available supports and services such as:

In order to access supports and services at Community Living North Halton please contact our local Developmental Services Ontario office.

Email: dso@sunbeamcommunity.ca
Phone: Toll-free: 1-888-941-1121
Halton Direct Line: 905-876-1373/Fax 905-876-2740

917D Nipissing Road
Milton, ON
L9T 5E3

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Residential Accommodations

At Community Living North Halton, we provide person-centered residential support services to adults with developmental disabilities. We know that because everyone has unique needs and goals, we need to strive to provide the best support possible to everyone in our care.

Community Living North Halton is proud to assist in shaping futures. Our residential services were created to uplift those that we care for. We engage our supported individuals with structured day-to-day routines that build confidence and independence. Development in skills such as meal preparation, household responsibilities, shopping, and budgeting are just some key areas that we focus on at Community Living North Halton.

Our residential accommodations are conveniently located in Acton, Georgetown, and Milton, Ontario. 24-hour care from our qualified support staff. Rest assured that medical administration, treatments, dental, and specialist consultations are provided for your loved one at Community Living North Halton.

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Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Our Supported Independent Living (SIL) services are designed to be solution-oriented. This program provides adults with an intellectual disability living in their own homes with the necessary supports to develop community connections and empowers people to live independently within their community. We work with families to find a livable solution for their loved ones whether it be living in their family home or creating an alternative housing option. We have information on how to renovate for someone with a disability and can assist in the process if separate living- quarters are needed.

Supports are tailored to each person’s unique needs, abilities, desires, and goals as reflected in their life plan. Services include financial planning/budgeting, medical coordination, meal planning/preparation, apartment management inclusive of tenant-landlord issues, organizing social/recreational activities, supporting the involvement of the person’s family and friends, and exercising one’s rights.

All people, regardless of their abilities, should have the appropriate supports to allow them to live and function independently in their community.

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Community Supports + Rec & Leisure

Our mission to support individuals with developmental disabilities could not be executed without our community supports. Engaging in community activities coupled with person-centred programming, the individuals we support continue to gain momentum in their areas of interest whether that be educational or recreational. Community Living North Halton encourages goal-setting and advancing in areas of interest. We also encourage recreation and leisure activities – we understand that not every moment needs to be structured. Our Community Supports + Rec & Leisure Programs invite learning and creativity. These opportunities can be offered through the week, evenings and weekends flexibility of services after business hours.

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Our HUB program is unique to Community Living North Halton. Offered within Inclusive Supports, The HUB is community-based with an emphasis on communication, recreation, education, volunteerism, and wellness. This program engages our supported individuals 7 days a week with a focus on assisting those with significant behavioural challenges. This program promises optimal fun, education, and most importantly, purpose.

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Inclusive Supports

At Community Living North Halton, we want everyone to be the best that they can be. Our Inclusive Supports program is meticulously constructed to ensure that our supported individuals are building skills, knowledge, and independence within their community. Based on behavioural support data, individuals belonging to our Residential Accommodations enrolled in Inclusive Supports can excel through phases.

This program consists of 4 phases: Treatment, Development, Stabilization & Maintenance. We have seen optimal success in this program in Halton.

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Community Living North Halton is committed to finding a way. Our Homeshare program offers community members the option to match up with a supported individual for alternative housing. Community Living North Halton will not only financially compensate you for providing your living space, but we will also assist in the set up so that the needs of the individual are met. Every Homeshare is unique and creatively set up in its own way. Living spaces in the North Halton Area include but are not limited to community clubs, churches, social groups, etc.

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