Spotlight On…

Pam McCandless

Pam started working with us in 2011. She started part time as a residential support worker for three locations in Milton. After a maternity leave, Pam enthusiastically returned to CLNH to resume her duties in a residential setting. When an opportunity arose to work at the Milton Day Program, Pam did not hesitate to embrace her new role. In her words, “It was my dream job!  I got to swim, hike, help the guys with their newspaper route – it was extremely busy and I loved it!  The individuals I help support are amazing and, alongside these individuals, I learned new things.”



In 2018, Pam accepted the Day Support Coordinator position for the Milton Day Program and has not looked back since. She absolutely loves her present position and the opportunity to still connect and be of service to the individuals she once directly supported.

Way to go Pam!